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1. If your TV Screen is getting dark This problem can also be due to the picture setting. And if the screen mode is set as a movie mode the screen can also be dark. Then you change the picture quality by going into the mode and if the screen is dark even after changing the picture quality, then change the backlight, picture, brightness and adjust the brightness accordingly. And when we buy a TV in the shops, the screen is set according to the display.

2. Lines and spot problem on the TV screen Due to many reasons, the lines and spot in the TV become problem - Externally connected device, Use of cable used to connect an external cable to the TV. First, you reset your TV. Change the source on TV. Check TV by connecting a USB drive.

3. The TV is not displaying If your TV is not displaying well, then there can be many problems with it. It can be very simple to solve this problem and it can be very difficult to solve the problem and you may need professional service. To diagnose your problem and reduce the problem, follow these steps. STEP 1 – Turn on your TV. If it does not start at all, then check the power cable and check that it is plugged in properly. Also, check the outlet to make sure the outlet is working or not. Try a different outlet to check that it will work. If you know the outlet works then your TV still does not start, and you may have a faulty power supply. STEP 2 – Plug in an external device such as DVD player, cable box, check to the right video input. If this is not showing, check the video connection and try a different video connection if it is enabled. Check the DVD player that cable is connected to the right of red, white, yellow and besides you check these devices on any other TV.

4. The TV screen is blurred If your TV screen is blurred, then it means there is a problem. There may be several reasons for the wrong TV screen.
STEP 1 – Restart TV and check that your problem has been solved. Turn off the TV and unplug its main lead and keep the TV unplugged for 2 minutes.
STEP 2 – Do not have any electronic device near the TV. Keep computer and other electronic devices as well as household appliances away from the TV as it can be a reason for having a blurred screen.

5. Sound not working on TV Check that your TV level is above zero make sure that TV is not muted. Once you make sure that the TV speaker option is set on ON under your audio or audio setting in the menu. And please check that all of your cable TV is well connected.