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Nowadays, make-up has become a part of our life. Everyone is done on an occasion whether it is in the office or in a party, sometimes in festivals. Make-up is an important part of girls’ life. Personality also develops from make-up. Features are highlighted by making make-up, so girls make use make-up.

Which makes their features highlight, they look even more beautiful. We must remember the most important thing, we should always use herbal make-up as much as possible so that our skin does not get damaged. There should be five things in your make-up bag, which you can use anywhere at any time.

Mascara & Eyeliner – In your bag should have dark color mascara and eyeliner. You can also keep colorful mascara and eyeliner in your bag. This makes eyes look great, looks attractive, and can be used anytime in any celebration.

BB Cream – BB cream is very lightweight, which is very easy to use daily. BB cream is considered good for skin, it comes from skin glow and also stains are hidden.

Lip Gloss – We have the most delicate lip in our face, which we should take care of. By applying lip gloss, our lip is soft. Applying lip gloss shine on the lip and lip look attractive.

Moisturizer – By applying moisturizers, the skin is soft and the skin prevents sunlight and there is no irritation in the skin.

Face Powder – Face powder is used to set up make-up so that make-up does not spread and skin glows.