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Fashion is a very important part of life. People’s personality is identified with fashion and fashion itself exposes people’s personality. Fashion is a product of the human brain that makes you and people as soon as you. Wearing good clothes to make good hair, to be good and to wear good shoes is also a part of fashion. The way people think is different, many people consider fashion as good, many people consider (regard) fashion as useless. Many people believe that fashion man deteriorates, and many people believe that fashion is a way to improve human beings.

Fashion has been running for many generations. The trend of fashion started with British rule. Poor People were not even knowledgeable about fashion. Then people just meant to cover their body. And the old king, King, and his queens also fashioned. He was very fond of eating good food and wearing good clothes, dressing up.

As time progressed, the trend also increased. The first people used to give importance to traditional fashion, but now people value western fashion as well as traditional fashion. At the time of traditional fashion, a man used to wear dhoti, kurta, and pajama And women wear dhoti, ghaghra and cholli. The first man used to wear dhoti, kurta, and pajama and now wear paint shirts along with them. First ladies used to wear dhoti and now we wear branded sarees instead, We used to wear ghaghra and cholli before we now wear top and skirts. The clothes are still the same, the name of the clothing has changed and the way it has changed.

Fashion varies with time and people also keep changing fashion. Just clothing is not part of fashion. Make-up is also a very important part of fashion. Just as time is a change in the way the clothes are changed, make-up has changed even now, there is a lot of difference between nowadays and old fashioned make-up. In the earlier days, less make-up was used, now people use more make-up, lightweight makeup is done even at the office. The first women used to do make-up, now the men also do make-up with the ladies. Hairstyle dressing senses are changing with all the time. The first old man had a bearded shoulder, but now the boys also have stealsis beards like French cut styling.

Make-up is not a bad thing, it is our personality improvement. Over time, we should keep changing fashion too.